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Moon rocks are a combination of CBD flower dipped in CBD oil and then rolled in CBD kief. They are known as the strongest and most potent CBD products on the market.

Brand: Texagon

Strain: T-1

Type: Sativa

75{fbdb152dcd3aa977254822c65bd956c33a8dc8436fab98d6a26125a0be38ce7c} CBG/25{fbdb152dcd3aa977254822c65bd956c33a8dc8436fab98d6a26125a0be38ce7c} CBD Moonrocks

CBD Total: 36.88{fbdb152dcd3aa977254822c65bd956c33a8dc8436fab98d6a26125a0be38ce7c}

THC Total: 0.27{fbdb152dcd3aa977254822c65bd956c33a8dc8436fab98d6a26125a0be38ce7c}

Pesticides: <LOQ

Origin: Jackson County, OR

Hemp Handlers License #AG-R1057513IHH